About Ashley Ormon

Ashley Ormon serves on the executive editorial board at Proverbs & Wisdom. Since founding the charity-based organization in 2011, Ormon has reported on neglected and critical issues. She interviewed leaders at Manhattan-based, nonprofit charity: water on delivering clean, drinking water to thousands; best-selling author of Legacy Living, Gloria Burgess, on the importance of having servant-leadership; and HeeSun Lee, a music artist who focuses on breaking stereotypes and negative trends within the music industry. One of her most acclaimed pieces documented the hazards of children in foster care and gained her recognition in India.

Moving to the local-level, Ormon wrote for New York’s Hempstead Living magazine. There, she worked on a range of stories: spotlighting a local cellist who performed at the White house, local restaurateurs and their cuisine, and children within the school system. Her piece on The Academy charter school featured its efforts to raise academic performance as the district was being subject to state takeover.

Ormon remained connected to education. A segment of her teaching was published by Cambridge University, an ivy league school, in Cambridge English Empowerment C1 Students Book. Later, which was quoted by actor Arsenio Hall.

Recently, she transitioned to the book editorial world after spending years reporting. Jeff Goins, a national best-selling author, chose Ormon as a top reviewer for his book You Are a Writer. She edited Renovatum, a poetry collection and memoir by Dominique A. Evans, and Natalie Brenner’s book Wholeness Despite the Brokenness. Additionally, Ormon went to author her own book titled God in Your Morning.

Ormon currently works as a freelance editor, and in between moments loves to give back. She attends events, on occasion, to speak about leadership, media, and overcoming. Her past work also includes mentoring youth, and the charity campaigns she has organized for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the Letters for Troops campaign, Spreading Joy Corp., and editing work at the award-winning nonprofit For Black Girls.