My Dying Wish

When that day comes for my life to pass before me, when I am old in age, I want to reflect on my life knowing the condition the world was in when I came improved through my existence. I want to leave earth knowing during my lifetime there was one tear not shed due to …


Voice for the Orphans: Speaking Up for Neglected Children

My article “Voice for Orphans: Speaking Up for Neglected and Abandoned Children” made the top headline on!    

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The Power of Your Uniqueness

I believe in the power of uniqueness. And I believe that’s why no two people have the same fingerprint, because everyone was created to do something and be someone different. Unfortunately, instead of fostering our gifts and talents, and fulfilling our purpose, we become jealous and compare ourselves to others. We become so concerned about …

Life Lessons

Living outside your comfort zone

I want to say it is human nature to want to do better in life, but that isn’t necessarily true. I’ve met people along the way who are completely comfortable where they are in life and wish to remain there. If you’re one of those people, I’ll save you some time: stop reading this post. …

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Stop Holding On: It's Hindering You

Our society has a huge problem to which, in some fashion, you’ve become a victim. I call it “the holding on syndrome” in where we all too often pride ourselves on “holding on.” We’ve adopted the concept that in doing so, we will be stronger, wiser and better equipped for future trials. While this may have …

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Thankful for My Mistakes

No one ever says “SCORE!” and rejoices when they fail. We’d prefer not to broadcast our mistakes and failures. It’s like walking in public, tripping, and then trying to play it off hoping no one saw. In other words, we’d like to brush off the bad times and forget they ever existed. Today, I was …