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    I was at the shop just about two, When I saw you walking with Ms. Lena Blu. Holding hands and touching smiling ear to ear, It’s funny because I thought I was your only darling dear. Next day I saw Lena I went to say hi, And she told me how you were such a great guy- Giving her kisses sending flowers to her home, And just about every night spending five hours on the phone. She was happy and giggly all because of you, I felt so terrible to make her heart feel blue. When I said Lena dear, you know he’s with another girl, She said no he’s…

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    Grow Wings

    I wish I was a bird so I could just fly away, And escape all the harmful things from the light of day, To be free from all misfortune, the heartaches, and the pain, And to escape all things in life that are inhumane. Like the bird that flys high in order to survive, I wish I too, could grow wings and among the clouds could I thrive. A bird has its freedom from the day it is born, But no, not I, I was birthed into a place filled with thickened thorns. So as I struggle to break free from broken hearts, cruelness, and pain, I’ll watch the bird…

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    Song In My Heart

    Song in my heart, Speak to me, Sing me your sweet melody. The days been hard, Evenings long, Sing me tonight a joyous song. So many times When all hope was gone, I listened to your cry, a painful mourn- But now all is serene, The night is still- Hum to me softly, if you will. Oh song from my heart, Music within me, Sing me a song filled with melody.

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    People of the Window

    Sometimes when there’s nothing to do and the day is slow, I just watch the People of the Window. Looking at a woman all dressed up, skirt and buttoned blazer wearing her high-heeled shoes, I listen to the tick-tap click-clack sound of her drawing near. I wonder where she is off to… On the opposite side of the street lies a man, tall man, about six feet high, sitting alone on a bench reading the daily news, every now and then he’ll take a glance up from his paper while sipping his tea to watch the children nearby play. I turn my head to look at the little girls playing…

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    Light Bulbs

    Bugs are attracted to light bulbs & the luminous gleam that slowly draws them in- & I’m attracted to your voice at night as it softly lullabies me to sleep. The sunflowers in my neighbors’ yard constantly turn towards the sun, & in times of need, I too, turn toward you- But as the bug is being zapped by its attraction & the flowers drift away- My heart is becoming so mesmerized in your love that I don’t feel the electricity causing my mind to decay.

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    The "Christian"

    Last night I dreamt a dream, But unlike any I had before, I dreamt that I was dead and gone, Alone, at Heaven’s door. My ears could hear no laughter, My eyes could barely see, But I smiled when I heard a voice, For God had called out to me. I was elated when I heard Him, Lord, am I welcomed in? But he stood with wrath before me,             You refused to turn from sin. Lord, I am a Christian, I prayed to you each day, I evangelized, I baptized, Brought back those who slid away- Jesus, can you help me? I do not understand,             Depart from me, I know you…

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    Where I Lived

    Where I lived you didn’t need calendars and warm weather to note that the seasons were changing, I could simply tell by the smells in the atmosphere which lingered throughout my home when the fresh breeze brought it in through the windows I remember my dreams at night being disturbed because someone was constantly blasting their music and if they weren’t I could hear people nearby talking loudly But then All of a sudden as the barbecue scents grew obsolete, the music softened, the robins beautifully chirping out my window sung lower, I knew winter and fall were approaching. The neighbors appeared less, mother made us wear socks to bed,…

  • Childhood

    Growing Up

    Growing up is fun at first, when you’re little you measure how tall you’re getting, how smart you’re becoming & realize soon enough you’ll be the conductor of your own life– you rush your days saying “grown-up” phrases doing “grown -up” things, & ignore the comments that youth are a person’s best days but gradually the bills stack a little higher on the kitchen table, your morning coffee isn’t enough to sustain you throughout the day and all your time has come and go and when grown-up is what you have to be, you finally appreciate what it meant to contain the innocence of a child.

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    Eyes of Strength

    People pass me everyday & tell me within my eyes they see Strength, they say to me you are strong- But deep within my mind I know it is Not of my will to be so strong & independent, It is what others have forced me to become. Their deceitful ways, untruthfulness, Their invidious remarks, & hatred has caused me to be stronger, bolder, & the Brownness of my eyes resound my overflowing Joy of triumph. Oh the ways of society and the selfish things they may do. Why it’s so hurtful to some, but as I walk and my eyes say Strength, my walk speaks pride, my presence states…

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    Not A Poem: Just A Note Beauty lies not only in physical appearances just as strength does not solely depend upon one’s physical ability; but that which is pure in heart, honorable in deed, and truthful in word. Many confuse beauty as only half of the process of seeing what is pleasurable to the eye, but in recognizing beauty one must take an additional step forward: To look beyond the physical and look into the heart, soul, and spirit. It is in these places that beauty is birthed and remains in its purest form. What is on the outside is not true beauty, but the beauty which is often confused…