Well, hello. I'm Ashley.

And I believe words are among the most powerful tools you have.

My journey with words is vast and allows me to draw from a wealth of knowledge in helping you. I’ve sat in the journalist’s seat, been on the receiving side of PR pitches, and understand what working on a tight deadline requires. From writing the content to editing it for publication, I’ve held many pens that have allowed me to design, research, create, edit, and write.

When it comes to communicating, I consider myself an architect of the field. The electrician may know his job well, but he doesn’t know how the plumbing, carpentry, and duct work fit alongside another. The architect, however, does. So when I work with your content, I’m not just a specialist in the field. I work with the understanding of how your copy will be impacted by all the moving parts around it.

Core values

Every great story has morals. Here's mine.


Have integrity. Working with me will not keep you in the dark or question what’s true. I believe in transparency, in whatever way it’s required.


A good story provides details on a need-to-know basis. Meaning, let’s cut the fat. I believe in efficiency and effectiveness (something that makes everyone happy).​

Creative Quality

I dislike a half-done or poorly executed job, and cookie cutters are only good for baking. Let’s help you stand out with class.

Have Questions? Awesome.

Ask away by using the chat box or contacting us.