About Ashley Ormon

I’m often asked, “What do you like better? Editing, writing, or the consulting side of things?”

Really, all three are equal. ashley ormon storyteller writer editorBefore I even knew how to read, I loved hearing a good story.

I’ve carried that with me and love telling one too.

My work allows me to help everyday business professionals and newbie writers, like you, tell their stories better from the writer’s seat and my editor’s desk.

I’ve worked as a journalist and photographer for Hempstead Living magazine covering an array of topics. The good in education–spotlighting a high school student who performed at the White House–and the controversial: The Academy charter school that opened during a time when its district faced a state takeover.

But, I have to say, writing about local restaurateurs and their cuisine was pretty cool too.

At IN THE LIGHT magazine, I featured the highly written about nonprofit charity: water, who has appeared in literally just about every major news and media publication you could think of.

My article focused on the nonprofit’s success in bringing clean, drinking water to thousands across the globe and their 100% model: every donated penny goes to those in need.

You see . . . advocacy remains close to my heart. I was especially honored in this on two occasions: the first, receiving recognition in India for my piece on children’s hazards and struggles in the foster care system.

The second was when the copywriting work I did resulted in over 1,200 donations. Opening day at the Art for Kid’s campaign for St. Jude Children’s Hospital was not short of contributed supplies.

Never doubt the mighty pen, huh?

But honestly, accolades mean nothing if you don’t give back. I’ve used my writing and editing skills for some awesome nonprofits: the Letters for Troops campaign, Spreading Joy Corporation’s back to school fundraiser, the award-winning nonprofit For Black Girls, sitting as a board member at Fill My Cup!, an adult literacy nonprofit, and being the communication’s director at Team Richardson Foundation, a nonprofit started by a pro-football player and his wife to mentor teen students.

On the publishing and editing side . . .

Jeff Goins, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, chose me as a top reviewer for his book You Are a Writer. I worked with Natalie Brenner and saw her book This Undeserved Life become an Amazon best-seller in her category.

And there’s Cambridge University . . . the ivy league school in the United Kingdom that published a short speaking segment of mine in Cambridge English Empowerment C1 Students Book. It’s a textbook for communication students.

Actor Arsenio Hall quoted me from the same speech on his social media page. I guess my college degree in Media & Communications paid off.

My latest “acceptance” includes being a member of the International Association for Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE).

But you see . . .

Telling stories is not something I do just for business. It’s a skill I have developed, been disciplined in, and continue to practice out of my huge passion to connect people, keep them engaged, and build lasting results.

I’m thankful for it daily.

And hopefully if we work together, the results I bring to you will display this as it has for so many others.

Fun facts about me:

  • 20-something years ago I performed at Carnegie Hall on the piano
  • I live in a left-handed world
  • I love a good view: from the top of NYC’s skyscrapers, or the mountains in Asheville, NC