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    The Art of Starting (and Finishing)

    Is it harder for you to start something new, or finish something old? Most writers struggle with one or the other (if not unfortunately both). But it isn’t only writers who have this issue. It’s people. We either fail to start what we want to do one day, or finally do but never finish. It’s the biggest dream-killer, and not because we aren’t inspired or creative enough. It’s because of these two words: “discipline” and “priority.” I mean, isn’t that how most things get done? We discipline ourselves to get up to go to a 9-5 because well, it’s a priority. We make time for those who we love because…

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    The boy I saw on the 2 train

    I’m on the NYC subway taking the 2 train from downtown Brooklyn to Times Square. It’s a week from Christmas on a Friday night. The man sitting across from me appears to be half-drunk, although I know he isn’t. He is smiling and I see his speech is a direct result of his almost toothless mouth. Still, his words doesn’t always make sense. His mind isn’t altogether and I’m wondering how he got that way. But my heart is breaking for the boy who’s sitting at the very end of the train cart with his hood over his head, slumped over. “Hey, son!” Yells out the almost toothless man. “Take a picture…