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    Building Your Creative Workspace

    Get rid of the stuffy, boxed-in atmosphere. If you consider yourself artistic, you should have a creative workspace that is engaging and inspirational. Regardless of how big or small your creative lab is, an innovative space makes all the difference.¬†Sunny days make us feel happier, and rainy days gloomy, relaxed, and sleepy. That’s because the environment you are in affects how you feel and think. (So, if you work in a¬†cluttered, messy workspace maybe it’s time to consider why you really have writer’s block.) Try making a few changes to get the artistic juices flowing. An Artful, Creative Workspace Placing quotes, your own drawings, or those done by a professional…

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    Where I Lived

    Where I lived you didn’t need calendars and warm weather to note that the seasons were changing, I could simply tell by the smells in the atmosphere which lingered throughout my home when the fresh breeze brought it in through the windows I remember my dreams at night being disturbed because someone was constantly blasting their music and if they weren’t I could hear people nearby talking loudly But then All of a sudden as the barbecue scents grew obsolete, the music softened, the robins beautifully chirping out my window sung lower, I knew winter and fall were approaching. The neighbors appeared less, mother made us wear socks to bed,…