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Content Writing

“When I was considering her, what was really important to me was an editor who was honest and not afraid to tell me how it is. Ashley was that: she told me what needed to be fixed, deleted, rewritten. She taught me along the way, leaving encouraging notes throughout my manuscript, and highlighted well-written parts. She helped me stay true to my voice, and express myself better. Additionally, she sent resources and tips regarding writing and publishing.”

Natalie Brenner

Photographer and Author


Your content is near perfect. It’s almost ready to be shown to clients, or housed in Barnes & Nobles. But, it needs a little work. That’s where proofreading comes in: it’s a final check to ensure it reads well.


Line-editing pays attention to every word you’ve written. It’ll remove wordiness and repetition, correct punctuation, improve your sentence structure, and spelling.

Developmental Editing

This is normally the first stage of editing. However, not all content requires this. It consists of checking the flow, plot, and ensuring your writing progresses in a coherent manner from start to finish.

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