Creative workspace

Building Your Creative Workspace

Get rid of the stuffy, boxed-in atmosphere. If you consider yourself artistic, you should have a creative workspace that is engaging and inspirational.

Regardless of how big or small your creative lab is, an innovative space makes all the difference. Sunny days make us feel happier, and rainy days gloomy, relaxed, and sleepy. That’s because the environment you are in affects how you feel and think. (So, if you work in a cluttered, messy workspace maybe it’s time to consider why you really have writer’s block.)

Try making a few changes to get the artistic juices flowing.

An Artful, Creative Workspace

Placing quotes, your own drawings, or those done by a professional around will give off all those inspirational vibes you love. Sometimes being surrounded by art provides ideas for current projects. In my creative workspace, I hung up photographs I took around New York City, and paintings made at paint parties with friends. Whatever you choose to hang up, make sure it adds to your happiness.

Wall Art in My Workspace

Add Vitality

Having life inside your work area radiates energy. It’s a breath of fresh air, and a connection to nature. I picked up these flowers from my local florist (I love sunflowers), and they added so much to my space. However, you may decide on a potted plant.

If you weren’t born with a green thumb, don’t worry. There are alternatives. Try having a small fish, or at best, artificial plants that you switch up seasonally. It’s your creative workspace. Whatever works best for you, do it!


Furniture Counts

The home decor you choose will offer a lot to your space. Remember, it isn’t about how much space you have. It’s about the interior design. For my workspace I chose to use a white color theme: it’s pure, bright, and creates the illusion of having more white space. My writing table is also glass. Being able to see through it makes the room more open. It’s unlimited space to the eye. The chair I have is cream-colored with printed words. It seemed to be the perfect touch for a writer. The classic black, cream, white combination isn’t the only answer though. Home furnishings that are bright-colored, round in shape, and eccentric are perfect touches for the out of the box thinker too.


Do What You Love

There are so many other factors that affect your workspace: the room’s lighting, surrounding noise, temperature, the list goes on. Figure out what makes you work best, and allow your best work to happen there. When your environment provides an outward sanctuary, the inner sanctuary of your muse becomes easier to hear. A clear, joyful space is an open door for a clear and sound mind.