Living outside your comfort zone

I want to say it is human nature to want to do better in life, but that isn’t necessarily true. I’ve met people along the way who are completely comfortable where they are in life and wish to remain there.

If you’re one of those people, I’ll save you some time: stop reading this post. It isn’t for you. For the rest of my readers who desire more from life, continue reading.

It’s peculiar how we always want to grow in life: grow our friendships, our wealth, our social status, our faith — and yet when the opportunity arrives for us to do so, we hesitate because it forces us out of our comfort zone.


And due to us being rational people we give reasons for not stepping out into the unknown. We say we’re too busy, the risks are too great, we aren’t ready; when in reality, those “reasons” are excuses to avoid saying, “I’m too afraid.”

Being completely transparent with you, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve let the fear of the unknown hinder me from growing. Opportunity knocked, chance called, growth invited me, and I responded “no” because I wasn’t bold enough to step away from my complacency.

But here’s another secret about me. The minute I mustered enough boldness to step out of my comfort zone, I started experiencing the best moments of my life. Sure, it wasn’t cozy dealing with uncertainty, but I knew I had to “get over myself.” Once I did those uncomfortable places I dared not to go became cozy and warm. So now I push further.

We cannot expect to grow if we are too afraid or unwilling to change and face challenges. When we exit our everyday, mundane lifestyles to do something different we can experience growth, undiscovered strength, and new abilities within ourselves.

Doing something new is never comfortable. It’s like learning how to walk, speaking a new language, being taught an instrument, or riding a bike. We aren’t going to have complete balance at first or place all our verbs in the correct tense. Try as we might the notes we play won’t always be in tune. But if we’re daring enough to try, relentless enough to keep at it, we’ll get better.

We are comfortable with what we have and what we do and with whom we surround ourselves because we have learned and practiced enough to reach complacency. Stepping outside your comfort zone isn’t any different. Learn to push yourself. Who knows, you may find your most rewarding moment right outside of your comfort zone.


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