My Dying Wish

When that day comes for my life to pass before me, when I am old in age, I want to reflect on my life knowing the condition the world was in when I came improved through my existence.

English: Trail blazing in Jotunheimen mountain...
English: Trail blazing in Jotunheimen mountains, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to leave earth knowing during my lifetime there was one tear not shed due to my encouragement, one soul not rejected because I had loved.

I want to know one less stomach went hungry; one less child was lost.

I want to know in my heart, believe with my soul, and feel within my spirit I did a job “well done.” And not because I did anything “spectacular” and “noteworthy,” but because I helped a life with the one life given to me.


    1. Hi Kajal. Welcome!

      Thank you for your sweet words. And you’re so right — living to serve others adds an incredible amount of value to our lives.

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