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Free Writing Monthly Planner (Printable)

I hate cliches, and I won’t write a new year’s one here.

As I always say, the perfect time to begin your writing project, or finish one is now.

Remember, dancers dance. Singers sing. Actors act. And if you want to be actually be a writer, write.

I’m giving you an easy-peasy writing help worksheet. This should be super quick if you define yourself as a writer. If you need a kick-start, here’s your push.

Four things writers need to do:

  1. Chose a word of the month you will live by.
  2. List your top three writing priorities for the month in “I will” statements.
  3. Write down what books you’re reading (or will be).
  4. Write in a paragraph what you will accomplish this month in your writing.

I am huge on “I will…” statements, and every writer should be. 

We often say:

  • I want to write a book
  • One day I am going to finish this
  • I’m looking into publishing

Change your “maybe” and “might” dos (that you almost never actually do) into I wills:

I will start writing that book this month

  • I will finish this by (insert date here)
  • I will research publishing, hire a coach, etc.

And remember, deadlines are a writer’s best friend and the cure to procrastination. Set yourself some.

Lastly, if you hold onto anything this year for your writing, let it be this: start saying “I will…” and diligently work on whatever follows.



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