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    Living outside your comfort zone

    I want to say it is human nature to want to do better in life, but that isn’t necessarily true. I’ve met people along the way who are completely comfortable where they are in life and wish to remain there. If you’re one of those people, I’ll save you some time: stop reading this post. It isn’t for you. For the rest of my readers who desire more from life, continue reading. It’s peculiar how we always want to grow in life: grow our friendships, our wealth, our social status, our faith — and yet when the opportunity arrives for us to do so, we hesitate because it forces us out…

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    Stop Holding On: It's Hindering You

    Our society has a huge problem to which, in some fashion, you’ve become a victim. I call it “the holding on syndrome” in where we all too often pride ourselves on “holding on.” We’ve adopted the concept that in doing so, we will be stronger, wiser and better equipped for future trials. While this may have truth, holding on can also deprive us of strength needed to move on. We hold on to our past our hurts our missed opportunities our broken dreams our failures our old feelings about something, or someone when really, the wisest move isn’t holding on, but letting go. Life gives us a one-size-fits-all backpack to carry…

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    Thankful for My Mistakes

    No one ever says “SCORE!” and rejoices when they fail. We’d prefer not to broadcast our mistakes and failures. It’s like walking in public, tripping, and then trying to play it off hoping no one saw. In other words, we’d like to brush off the bad times and forget they ever existed. Today, I was thinking about some mistakes I’ve made – pretty bad ones – and although I can say “I regret that” I won’t. In some odd kind of way, I’m thankful for my mistakes. Why? Unique Wisdom: Believe it or not, we can often learn more from what we did wrong than what we’ve done well. As…

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    I was at the shop just about two, When I saw you walking with Ms. Lena Blu. Holding hands and touching smiling ear to ear, It’s funny because I thought I was your only darling dear. Next day I saw Lena I went to say hi, And she told me how you were such a great guy- Giving her kisses sending flowers to her home, And just about every night spending five hours on the phone. She was happy and giggly all because of you, I felt so terrible to make her heart feel blue. When I said Lena dear, you know he’s with another girl, She said no he’s…

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    Grow Wings

    I wish I was a bird so I could just fly away, And escape all the harmful things from the light of day, To be free from all misfortune, the heartaches, and the pain, And to escape all things in life that are inhumane. Like the bird that flys high in order to survive, I wish I too, could grow wings and among the clouds could I thrive. A bird has its freedom from the day it is born, But no, not I, I was birthed into a place filled with thickened thorns. So as I struggle to break free from broken hearts, cruelness, and pain, I’ll watch the bird…

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    Song In My Heart

    Song in my heart, Speak to me, Sing me your sweet melody. The days been hard, Evenings long, Sing me tonight a joyous song. So many times When all hope was gone, I listened to your cry, a painful mourn- But now all is serene, The night is still- Hum to me softly, if you will. Oh song from my heart, Music within me, Sing me a song filled with melody.

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    People of the Window

    Sometimes when there’s nothing to do and the day is slow, I just watch the People of the Window. Looking at a woman all dressed up, skirt and buttoned blazer wearing her high-heeled shoes, I listen to the tick-tap click-clack sound of her drawing near. I wonder where she is off to… On the opposite side of the street lies a man, tall man, about six feet high, sitting alone on a bench reading the daily news, every now and then he’ll take a glance up from his paper while sipping his tea to watch the children nearby play. I turn my head to look at the little girls playing…

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    Light Bulbs

    Bugs are attracted to light bulbs & the luminous gleam that slowly draws them in- & I’m attracted to your voice at night as it softly lullabies me to sleep. The sunflowers in my neighbors’ yard constantly turn towards the sun, & in times of need, I too, turn toward you- But as the bug is being zapped by its attraction & the flowers drift away- My heart is becoming so mesmerized in your love that I don’t feel the electricity causing my mind to decay.

  • Christian

    The "Christian"

    Last night I dreamt a dream, But unlike any I had before, I dreamt that I was dead and gone, Alone, at Heaven’s door. My ears could hear no laughter, My eyes could barely see, But I smiled when I heard a voice, For God had called out to me. I was elated when I heard Him, Lord, am I welcomed in? But he stood with wrath before me,             You refused to turn from sin. Lord, I am a Christian, I prayed to you each day, I evangelized, I baptized, Brought back those who slid away- Jesus, can you help me? I do not understand,             Depart from me, I know you…