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    Where I Lived

    Where I lived you didn’t need calendars and warm weather to note that the seasons were changing, I could simply tell by the smells in the atmosphere which lingered throughout my home when the fresh breeze brought it in through the windows I remember my dreams at night being disturbed because someone was constantly blasting their music and if they weren’t I could hear people nearby talking loudly But then All of a sudden as the barbecue scents grew obsolete, the music softened, the robins beautifully chirping out my window sung lower, I knew winter and fall were approaching. The neighbors appeared less, mother made us wear socks to bed,…

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    Growing Up

    Growing up is fun at first, when you’re little you measure how tall you’re getting, how smart you’re becoming & realize soon enough you’ll be the conductor of your own life– you rush your days saying “grown-up” phrases doing “grown -up” things, & ignore the comments that youth are a person’s best days but gradually the bills stack a little higher on the kitchen table, your morning coffee isn’t enough to sustain you throughout the day and all your time has come and go and when grown-up is what you have to be, you finally appreciate what it meant to contain the innocence of a child.

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    Eyes of Strength

    People pass me everyday & tell me within my eyes they see Strength, they say to me you are strong- But deep within my mind I know it is Not of my will to be so strong & independent, It is what others have forced me to become. Their deceitful ways, untruthfulness, Their invidious remarks, & hatred has caused me to be stronger, bolder, & the Brownness of my eyes resound my overflowing Joy of triumph. Oh the ways of society and the selfish things they may do. Why it’s so hurtful to some, but as I walk and my eyes say Strength, my walk speaks pride, my presence states…

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    Not A Poem: Just A Note Beauty lies not only in physical appearances just as strength does not solely depend upon one’s physical ability; but that which is pure in heart, honorable in deed, and truthful in word. Many confuse beauty as only half of the process of seeing what is pleasurable to the eye, but in recognizing beauty one must take an additional step forward: To look beyond the physical and look into the heart, soul, and spirit. It is in these places that beauty is birthed and remains in its purest form. What is on the outside is not true beauty, but the beauty which is often confused…

  • Childhood


    there is always that one person who just has to be the bully/ knocking children out, taking lunch money name calling etc. I have to admit they were good at it too/ never getting caught, picking the most opportune times and the right prey– my friend Sarah said she couldn’t wait ‘til school was done/ adults never had bullies/ Sammy, a co-worker begs to differ/ he says the new boss has his ways. how about evolving into a tree, I asked little Sarah– she shook her head/ that’s worse she said/ trees can’t fight back and the wind never stops blowing.

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    My Wish to the World

    Here I proclaim my wish to the world, That has never known of me, Here is to all the people, I have dreamed to set free: My wish is when I die, You will not allow my words to fade, You won’t leave them underneath a tree, Hindered by the shade. That you’ll spread my words of wisdom, To all that are around, And prevent them from dying as I will, Buried beneath the ground. I ask that you allow my words, To always breathe and thrive, So even as my body perishes, My words will remain alive.

  • Love,  Nature


    Looking at the snowflakes falling to the ground reminds me of the softness you always carried in life– somehow despite how high you fell you did it with grace– I see the wind blowing hard, forcing the crystallized droplets to blow everywhere– yet like you, the snowflakes still land smoothly without the slightest touch of disturbance. Also appears in SpeedPoets Zine April 2010 Issue.