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  • Writing Style Guides: The Difference Between AP and Chicago

    English is all English, isn't it? Does it really matter how you place the apostrophe or comma? Yes, it does. There are a ton of style guides writers and editors use to govern what goes where and how it appears. There's MLA, AP, APA, AMA--seriously, the list goes on.

    For our purposes, we'll focus on the most common two: Associated Press Style (AP)--used mainly for PR and journalistic purposes--and the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) used for books, periodicals, and journals.

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  • Building Your Creative Workspace

    Get rid of the stuffy, boxed-in atmosphere. If you consider yourself artistic, you should have a creative workspace that is engaging and inspirational.
    Regardless of how big or small your creative lab is, an innovative space makes all the difference. Sunny days make us feel happier, and rainy days gloomy, relaxed, and sleepy. That's because the environment you are in affects how you feel and think. (So, if you work in a cluttered, messy workspace maybe it's time to consider why you really have writer's block.)

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  • Lessons Needed in Starting Your Business

    Having a business is fun, exciting, and sometimes, not as shiny as having a nine-to-five job. It is a process. An enjoyable one overall, and here are a few things I learned--and you'll need to know--in running your business well.

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