What Our Issues with Others Say About Us

You can tell a great deal about yourself by what annoys, frustrates, irritates, and upsets you about others.


For example…

Patience hasn’t been my forte lately. And oddly enough, I seem to be the most impatient with impatient people. (Go figure. I’m working on it though.)

The same is of people who are unfaithful in relationships. They struggle with accepting the idea that their partner is faithful, or become extremely upset when their mate is unfaithful towards them.

Gossipers have issues with gossipers; hypocrites are hypocritical of other hypocrites. ┬áPeople who tend to lie and be argumentative don’t get along too well.


The frustration we experience toward others is a reflection of our own imperfect character.

Yet, we act differently towards others when we act out of our strengths.

For example…

Displaying compassion is one of my strengths. I hate to see anyone suffering, without, or struggling. When I encounter people who I can be compassionate towards I jump on the opportunity. I know we are all entitled to a bad day, we all have our struggles, and I find it easier to display grace and love to people in these situations.

However, how many people have said, “I’m struggling myself, and they expect me to help them?” The imperfection we have in our life reflects in how we act and react toward others.

Looking within

So the next time you catch yourself becoming frustrated with someone, before you lash out on them, or choose to become upset, examine yourself. We all have character blemishes. And perhaps the imperfection you’re so irritated with others about is one you need to develop yourself.

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