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    Quick Tips on Organizing Your Business

    There is this idea of the messy writers’ desk that has been present for years. It’s true. There are those who work in what drives neat-freaks crazy, but when it comes to business, organization is crucial. Here are four steps to help you kick-start your work week: 1. Organize your day Planning out your day increases productivity. Create a to do list, prioritize it, and stick to it. Remember: being consist gets the job done. Schedule time to write, create, research and network. Don’t forget to plan recreation time in between, or after you’ve completed your work. 2. Plan your meeting agendas An agenda helps you focus on what subjects…

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    The Art of Starting (and Finishing)

    Is it harder for you to start something new, or finish something old? Most writers struggle with one or the other (if not unfortunately both). But it isn’t only writers who have this issue. It’s people. We either fail to start what we want to do one day, or finally do but never finish. It’s the biggest dream-killer, and not because we aren’t inspired or creative enough. It’s because of these two words: “discipline” and “priority.” I mean, isn’t that how most things get done? We discipline ourselves to get up to go to a 9-5 because well, it’s a priority. We make time for those who we love because…