The Power of Your Uniqueness

I believe in the power of uniqueness. And I believe that’s why no two people have the same fingerprint, because everyone was created to do something and be someone different.

English: Fingerprint detail on male finger. Če...
English: Fingerprint detail on male finger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately, instead of fostering our gifts and talents, and fulfilling our purpose, we become jealous and compare ourselves to others.

We become so concerned about what “they” are doing that we lose focus on what we should be doing. We become so obsessive of how “they” may take our positions, that we sabotage and discourage them from achieving. We become envious because “they” are leading great lives.

The sad part is…

We spend far too much time envying people, rather than applauding them for achieving; becoming depressed over what he or she is doing, instead of working on what we can do; admiring people for their greatness because we haven’t taken time to develop ours.

When we look too long at others out the window, we close the door shut for anything wonderful to happen in our lives.

But here’s a secret:

You have a unique purpose of your own that only you can fulfill.

So instead of discouraging, trying to hinder, or sabotage people away from their purpose, focus on fulfilling what only you can achieve: your purpose.

Stop comparing the incomparable…

It’s silly to compare or grow jealous of someone else fingerprint. Both are unique. Both serve a purpose. Both are an original.

The same is of you and your purpose. There is power in your uniqueness. Stop comparing and becoming envious. There’s an awesome amount of potential within you.


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