The Writer’s Roundtable

Classes are nice, but guided discussions can be better.

Many online classes for writers lack the ability to interact with those who are taking the same class. Webinars and forums with chat boxes can feel impersonal. Not to mention, sometimes you want study buddies: a group of people who, after learning information, you can ask, “Hey, what did you think about this question?”

Then, there is social media with its abundance of chatter. The discussions are not always led, lack control, and may go in a different direction than intended.

(I can’t be the only person who likes variety in conversation, but appreciates sticking to the point.)

If you crave interacting with unique, yet like-minded people and are looking to learn, consider taking a seat at The Writer’s Roundtable.

It’s a fun, three week opportunity to not only study the art of writing, but yourself as a writer and your unique approach within this craft.

What topics will be on The Table?


Crushing Writer’s Block

  • In the writing world, we convince ourselves we have a mental block preventing us from creating words in our head and delivering them on paper. What if I told you the only blockage between the paper and your hand is you? Writers will learn how to step on this block, and not get stuck in between it.

There’s Always Time

  • We have a rule against the words, “I don’t have time to write,” at The Table. Whether you are a busy parent, a CEO, a student, or a paint namer (who else is going to think of “smaragdine” for a shade of green?) you have time. You will learn how to maximize the minutes on your clock.

Tips and Tricks for Trip-ups

  • The best of us have writing issues. You know, the “I think this punctuation goes here,” and “If only I had a better title,” or the “I need another word for [insert overused word here].” This session will give you nifty tactics to conquering what trips you up in your writing.

Connect and Disconnect

  • You and I can find anything and everything to grab our attention. There are people to connect with, unlimited shows, and Instagram stories to watch 24/7. While this is great, it stifles creativity. At The Table we discuss how to connect deeply, and disconnect purely for the betterment of our minds and creative juices.

Don’t Wait for the Muse

  • “I’m waiting for the muse,” is also another saying banned at The Table. Yes, we all have those awesome moments when the word gods implant beautiful lines into our heads; however, once you leave your seat you won’t care. You will learn you are the muse, and you summon the word gods.

Share with Care

  • We are all students. Everyone is a teacher at The Table. We learn from one another, and grow in our own ways together. Each person will have the opportunity to receive feedback and interact with others seated beside them. Additionally, each member will have a one-on-one conversation with me critiquing their writing, and advised on how to improve.

Who Can Join?

You can. We want newbie writers, published writers, and all those in between. Haven’t really jumped into writing yet? Guess what? You’re welcomed too. We only ask those who join be committed to the love of this craft and of course, be willing to learn and write.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge, and no catch; however, to provide an intimate setting, only a limited amount of seats are available. Writers will be carefully selected. Those who aren’t will be invited for the next session!

Where is this held?

This will be held online. Members will have their own special login to access The Table. A physical writer’s group will occur late fall.

Interested in Joining Online?

Registration ends Friday, September 23. The Roundtable begins in October.