I was at the shop just about two,
When I saw you walking with Ms. Lena Blu.
Holding hands and touching smiling ear to ear,
It’s funny because I thought I was your only darling dear.
Next day I saw Lena I went to say hi,
And she told me how you were such a great guy-
Giving her kisses sending flowers to her home,
And just about every night spending five hours on the phone.
She was happy and giggly all because of you,
I felt so terrible to make her heart feel blue.
When I said Lena dear, you know he’s with another girl,
She said no he’s not, she’s not any good for my Earl.
So I asked her yes, well how would you know?
Oh darling she laughed, why he told me so!
He said she was no good, just wasn’t his kind,
Why between the two of us, he said she wasn’t worth a dime!
I took a step back with some sorrow in my heart,
And told her it was time I begin to depart.
On the way home thinking, why’d you’d do this to me,
I ran into an old friend of mine, Mr. Johnny B.
He said hello sweetheart, how ya doin’ today?
Mind if I talk to you while you’re on your way?
I said nope, sure don’t! Let’s chat for a while.
I linked my arm into his showing off my big smile.
But while we were walking I bumped into you,
Such shock did you have when I saw you with Ms. Lena Blu,
Although, the greater horror lied on Mr. Johnny B’s face,
As he saw his fiancé within another man’s embrace.
Caught we all were, that day around two,
Myself, my darling, Johnny B, and Ms. Lena Blu!

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