Eyes of Strength

People pass me everyday
& tell me within my eyes they see
Strength, they say to me you are strong-
But deep within my mind I know it is
Not of my will to be so strong & independent,
It is what others have forced me to become.

Their deceitful ways, untruthfulness,
Their invidious remarks, & hatred has caused me to be
stronger, bolder, & the Brownness of my eyes resound my
overflowing Joy of triumph.

Oh the ways of society and the selfish things they may do.
Why it’s so hurtful to some, but as I walk and my eyes say
Strength, my walk speaks pride, my presence states my
Glorious tide, it is then I turn back only once to thank society.

Some look forward & never back, but I find it rude not to
congratulate those who became the stepping-stones of my life.
And for my great success I must say,
Society has taught me well.

So to society, thank you.

Published author, poet, and editor. Writing to inform, editing to improve, creating to inspire change.

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