Why Even Good Writers Need Editors

You can be a writer and an editor. You just can’t be both for yourself.


It’s hard to catch your own mistakes. You know how your work is supposed to sound, read, and what emotions you want it to capture. So when you go to edit yourself you still have all these things in mind. You’re too attached to your work and aren’t able to look at it with a different set of eyes.

Who could use an editor?

Everyone: bloggers, journalists, students, authors — both those traditionally published and self-published — technical writers, and the like.

Newspapers and magazines have editors for their writers, and so do all major publishing houses.

Editors save you the embarrassment.

No one likes to make mistakes especially when there are a lot of people looking. If you’re seeking to get your manuscript into the hands of thousands, or even just a few hundreds of readers having an editor will benefit you. Your editor will catch grammatical mistakes you did not realize you made because you were too focused on writing a great plot, and check for clarity to ensure your message is understood well. A good editor will suggest to you how you can strengthen a sentence by omitting a word, and even assist you in using all of your punctuation correctly.

The worse feeling for an author is finally having their book in front of readers, only to realize errors in their writing after it is too late to fix them. I am sure your readers will appreciate having a writer who not only cares to tell a good story, but also takes time to ensure it’s delivered correctly.

I’ve read too many reviews on Amazon.com from readers who have bought self-published books stating the message was good, but the writer should have invested in an editor.

Personally, poor writing and a lack of editing will discourage me from purchasing an author’s books in the future. If a writer could not invest in their book, why should I invest in it and read through the errors?

With all of this in mind, I encourage you to have someone edit your work. It’ll help you become a better writer as you learn to correct your “writing slip-ups,” and gain respect from your readers.

As a side note: if you are in need of an editor, or proofreader, please contact me via my contact tab. I am accepting submissions.



Why Even Good Writers Need Editors